Magnetic mini gps tracker


Suppot Internet Network data transmission.

Supports remote operation of mobile phone. Function: record, Sound monitoring, GPS track, machine state, restart, etc

Support GPS and LBS (location based service)double tracking system, improve the accuracy of position.

Super magnetic force. Build-in 2 pcs strong magnet, you can put it on the metal plate and absorb automatically

Set multiple functions of security, tracking, monitoring surveillance, emergency alarms and management in its entirety

Handheld and vehicle purpose. Used widely for vehicle, person and other moving objects tracking

About this mini equipment GPS tracker:

  • Real-time and accurate GPS/LBS positioning. Seaworld S11 mini real-time GPS car trackers provide you with real-time 24/7 vehicle position information. Using our portable wireless GPS trackers and tracking software (WhatsGPS), you can get the real-time position, live monitoring, and information for your vehicle, equipment, and assets. You can check real-time location via SMS/APP/Platform with ease.
  • Geo-fence. You can utilize GEO fences to send triggered alerts and provide timestamps for activities such as arriving or leaving work, managing territories, and keeping employees out of certain areas.
  • 1200mAh mini GPS tracker with long battery life. Simply put, we provide the best magnetic wireless GPS trackers in the industry. In comparison to other competitors’ magnetic trackers, ours have exceptional battery life.
  • Vibration, low power, and over-speed alarms. This portable magnetic car GPS tracking locator features vibration, over speed, low power, and tamper alarms. When your vehicle is over-speed or your car’s attitude has changed, you will receive an alert. Our tracking system generates reports that allow you to see how many trips you’ve taken, how fast you went, how many stops you made, and more.
  • Voice & Audio monitoring. This small GPS security tracker comes with audio monitoring along with real-time GPS tracking, allowing you to hear what’s happening in the vehicles.
  • G-Sensor functions. This mini wireless tracker comes with G-Sensor functions, which measure the G value of axis X, Y or Z exceeds the thresholds set by users and the alarm will be sent to backend CMS software.
  • Portable design and simple to use. The dimensions of this mini multi-functional GPS tracker are L60.0mm*W31.0mm*H19.0mm. Simply stick it to your vehicle’s flat magnetic metal surface and it’s good to use.
  • Well-supported, accurate, and stable GPS tracking system. Our GPS Tracking System (WhatsGPS) works worldwide and serves customers in over 100 countries and regions. In industries such as automobile leasing, logistics, and others, our GPS monitoring system can provide unified oversight of these cars, save fuel and other operational expenses for the fleet, and boost staff productivity.


This small magnetic GPS tracker device is best used for:

  • Car loan finance
  • Realtime vehicle, asset, and fleet equipment tracking and controlling
  • Car and vehicle rental
  • Electric motorcycle management
  • Fleet management


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