7 stage Domestic reverse osmosis water purification machine


RO System for home Waste less water with this efficient reverse osmosis system!  Our ProSeries High-Efficiency Reverse Osmosis System is a 1:1 Reverse Osmosis System, which means it will help you save up to 75% of wastewater, which makes this system incredibly environmentally friendly.

The system is capable of producing 300 litres per day and stores 12 litres of water.  The 7 stages are:
1. PP sediment filter- To remove any debris larger than 5 microns.
2. Granular activated charcoal – removal of pesticides and organic compounds
3. Chlorine & odor removal- to remove chlorine, odors and tastes
4. Reverse Osmosis stage- complete purification of water only allows water molecules to pass through
5. Carbon polishing for improved taste- adjustment of taste to ensure the best tasting water available.
6. Remineralization & pH adjustment- re introduction of minerals to the water to ensure it is back to the optimum level of nutrition
7. UV disinfectant stage- inoculation of bacteria, viruses and any germs. Giving you the guarantee of safe and clean drinking water.

The system has a power rating of 25W featuring both a booster pump and UV purifiers.


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