Hands free 750ml sanitizer dispenser


Automatic Sensor Hand Sanitizer Hanging Soap Dispenser Sensor Alcohol Sterilizer Touchless Wall Mounted For Home Company Hospital School.

Using advanced infrared human body sensing technology.Automatic hand induction to avoid secondary cross infection.Energy saving, 4 AA alkaline batteries can be used for about 6 months.The design is exquisite and exquisite, which is an exquisite home accessories.The unique music sound function makes it easier for parents to monitor whether their children wash their hands.


  • Pop-Up lid for easy refills.
  • Smart looking, elegant design.
  • Fully automatic and touch-free operation.
  • Built-in infrared smart sensor-motion activated.
  • Ideal for many soaps, lotions, sanitizers or other liquids.
  • Perfect for use in homes, offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, etc.


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