USB design voice recorder

  • Record up to 160 hours of audio on this 8GB USB flash drive, allowing for uninterrupted, long-term monitoring
  • Record at the push of a button for up to 4 hours on a single charge
  • Plug into any computer for quick review and easy organization of all your recorded audio files

Memory can be a very faulty tool when it comes to cataloging every detail of a conversation. That is why this USB Voice Recorder is an invaluable tool for all classes, meetings, interviews, lectures, and more. The classic USB flash drive design allows for recording without anyone suspecting, lets you get a record of a more honest conversation.

8GB of internal storage equates to up to 160 hours of audio recording at the push of a button. Once all necessary recordings are captured, simply plug the USB Voice Recorder directly into any computer for quick access and organization of all files.


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